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Gadangme Student Outreach Program

The Gadangme Students Association (GADASA) rural and health outreach program was created to raise awareness of the essence of basic education and healthcare.

Our Gadangme associations come together every year to raise funds to support the efforts of the GADASA outreach program.

The objective of the outreach is to develop our rural areas through education and health. Gadangme Europa VZW is one of the main sponsors of this program and our mission is to help reach out to all the communities, education both the children and their parents as well as to raise awareness.

Our advisor Chester Quartey and his team of Gadangme university student volunteers organise trips to rural Gadangme communities yearly.

The program is comprised of fundraising efforts, the circulation of sponsorship letters and ground work, including:

- Education on the causes, effects, and preventive measures of common diseases
- Education on family planning
- Education on the importance of education
- Handing out flyers, books and stickers
- Interviewing rural communities on their health and education problems and making reports based on that.

With this ongoing program, we aim to accompany young students throughout their whole school career to ensure they get better opportunities and thrive to keep our Gadangme community strong.

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